The Village of Greyton

Greyton - Western CapeGreyton - Western CapeGreyton - Western Cape
Greyton - Western CapeGreyton - Western CapeGreyton - Western Cape


The Village of Greyton

Greyton is a pint-sized town that is fondly known as South Africa’s Little England. Experience the blissful feeling of travelling back-in-time as you explore quiet oak-lined lanes and discover gathering spots buzzing with friendly locals, and visitors to the town.

Directions to Greyton are simple and they will lead you through the scenic highways and byways of the Overberg that are just waiting to be discovered. Be sure to add a few hours to your travel time so you can stop at one of the many interesting farm stalls along the way.

Greyton’s history is rich in culture and can be traced to the late 1600s when Ensign Schriver of the Castle of Good Hope bartered with Captain Stoffel Koekson of the Hassequas Khoikhoi tribe, for land. The foundations of the original mud-and-brick houses still lie under the old historical homes of Boschmanskloof.

Onward to 1854 when a wealthy Englishman, Herbert Vigne, established a freehold agricultural village and named it Greyton after the then Governor of the Cape, Sir George Grey. Since those days not much has changed and the layout of the town and its buildings, remain quintessentially the same. The original leiwater (irrigation) system still exists and if you are looking for things to do in Greyton, you can visit one of the many old landmarks that still remain in-and-around the central hub of the town.

Finding accommodation in Greyton has never been easier and you can browse for your choice among the long list of self-catering homes, guesthouses, B&Bs and campsites.

One of the most popular things to do while in Greyton is to visit the Saturday morning market where you can mingle with the locals while you load your basket with freshly baked goods, handmade products and locally sourced produce. The shops in Greyton are also well worth the visit and the promise of discovering a long-lost treasure in one of the antiques and collectables stores, is a lure in itself.

Art lovers are spoiled for choice because there are artists in Greyton who exhibit and sell their works at just about every establishment in the town. Private visits to workshops and studios are often possible with prior arrangement.

You will never go hungry in Greyton because there is every meal option on offer. The farm stalls, coffee shops, bistros and more formal restaurants in Greyton will keep your tummy from rumbling. Be sure to stock up on freshly baked pies with generous fillings, homemade cheeses and preserves for the picnic basket and delicious wines from the surrounding wine farms.

Outdoor nature-based activities in Greyton include hiking trails, MTB tracks and 4x4 routes that will lead you through tranquil forests, up steep kloofs and along picturesque rivers.

If your visit has you thinking that relocating to a less hurried lifestyle might be well worth considering, be sure to visit one of the real estate agents in Greyton who will gladly show you a selection of properties that could very well become your future dream home.

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Greyton - Western CapeGreyton - Western Cape